Zoom has faced unprecedented growth since the start of the pandemic,[1] but this does not mean that the journey has been easy for the Video Communications giant. In a fast-developing market, the company is under constant pressure to innovate new features and products. One of Zoom’s core products is Zoom Phone, an app for phone, video, meetings, and chat. We spoke to Darren Pattie to find out more about Zoom Phone and why businesses should be using it.

Darren Pattie
Head of EMEA
Zoom Phone

How does Zoom Phone differ from other phone systems?

Over the last ten to 15 years, the telephony market has innovated slowly with legacy PBX and PSTN typically just providing simple dial tone, voicemail, and audio routing only, which has worked satisfactorily for many organizations over the past few decades. 

Unified communications and the need to add more communication channels began to change the industry but without doubt, cloud has transformed it immeasurably with the ability for customers to effectively rent their service and cloud providers being able to innovate at pace without the restriction of on-premise limiting hardware.

Today this is especially important as we re-imagine our workplaces, based on new work profiles, preferences, and ways of getting things done.  A next generation PBX built in the cloud to be video-first and mobile consistent helps break down those barriers that previously existed between audio, video and messaging.  

Zoom Phone is a modern, next-generation enterprise-grade Cloud PBX, designed with the end user experience in mind. Delivered with security and reliability at its core, a single pane of glass approach to administration, built in reporting, and interoperability to all of the key applications you use today/tomorrow. Options to choose the calling patterns that fit your business today and the agility to change for tomorrow, means Zoom can deliver a differentiated value that customers are embracing.

Why should businesses use Zoom Phone compared to their normal phone systems?

The answer would depend on what the customer’s existing PBX is and what challenges they face as an organization – be it hybrid/flexible working, return to the office, internal/external collaboration, customer acquisition or retention, cost reduction, operational efficiencies, etc.

However, Zoom Phone as part of the single video-first Zoom UCaaS platform has positive advantages to benefit customers if they are looking to migrate away from a legacy premise-based PBX or from an alternative cloud provider.

Some key points I would call out include the ability to consolidate meetings, rooms, webinars, video and telephony onto a single platform which will drive lower total cost of ownership as well as a higher user adoption. Users are extremely well used to the Zoom client and only have one place to go for all their mission critical communications needs this way. It’s global by default with best-in-class resilience and the audio quality is second to none, essentially an enterprise-grade, agile flexible solution to enable new ways of working and deliver clear operational cost savings.

How does Zoom Phone benefit employers?

Modern or hybrid ways of working mean that work is what you do, not where you go. From an employee point of view, they expect their employers to have the technology solutions to enable hybrid working so they can collaborate internally and externally efficiently to get things done.

From an employer’s point of view hybrid working comes with a number of challenges and opportunities. These typically focus on people, transformation and safety.

  • People: how do I retain, attract, and develop my employees in a modern workplace environment.
  • Transformation: how do I transform/change  the workspace, workforce and workplace, including office space and hybrid working environments to not only accommodate employee but also customer expectations.
  • Safety: how do I achieve all of this in a way that is secure, reliable and easy to use.

All of these are key tenets of how we at Zoom have developed our platform to enable our customers to transform their business whilst delivering employee and customer happiness and driving better cost optimization.

How does Zoom Phone benefit employees?

Zoom Phone offers a best-in-class user experience and is feature rich. It is available in a softphone application or can be used with handphones, headsets and on multiple devices, such as mobiles and tablets, which support the employee’s preferred way of working no matter if that is remote, at the office or mobile. The easy-to-use features that enable you to get things done quickly and easily.

How does the cost of Zoom Phone compare to other phone services?

Zoom Phone has best-in-class total cost of ownership, meaning we can help drive commercial savings and efficiencies when compared to many traditional on-premise PBX or alternative Cloud-based options. The fact that Zoom Phone is available with individual calling plans to meet the calling needs of our customers, as well as the ability to have Zoom native PSTN services available in 47 countries, or if you prefer you can remain with or choose your own PSTN provider means that we have the options to deliver the services you need, where you need it, in a cost effective and flexible way.

How easy is it to implement a Zoom Phone system?

Zoom Phone can be delivered quickly and easily, helping to accelerate  the time to value whilst also mitigating the risk of moving from your current to your future phone system. Our dedicated professional services team assists and manages this journey with you, and our onboarding team helps answer any questions you have on set up and use. We also work with a number of accredited partners who are trained and certified to deliver the best user experience for you, meaning you’re in safe hands to deliver the outcome you need.

What is your favorite Zoom Phone feature?

There are many Zoom Phone features which I love, which range across the single pane of glass reporting and analytics to help manage your business, the contact centre features we include to help you manage better, more cost effective customer engagement, and the best in class user experience meaning Zoom Phone is easily adopted and delivers value immediately.

If I was being asked to choose my favorite, I would say it’s the ability to Call Flip, meaning our customers can move or migrate a call from a desk phone, to a meeting client to a mobile seamlessly and easily. This way you can elevate the call to the most appropriate way to communicate whether you are mobile, in the office or simply need to bring others into a call/meeting.

How are you looking to further develop Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone continues to innovate at speed and by listening closely to our customers’ voices, so we can deliver features that make a difference. One of the most exciting developments coming early in 2022 is the Zoom Video Engagement Centre –  think of a contact centre with voice and video. There is much more to come, so watch this space.

[1] According to Statistica.com, in December 2019 Zoom had 10 million daily participants worldwide, this had increased to 200 million by 31st March 2020, and then 300 million by 21st April 2020. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/1253972/zoom-daily-meeting-participants-global/)

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