AUDIO: It’s goHearod to talk – and be heard

When conference meetings may include colleagues from across the road or across the world, held in a huddle space within an open office, crystal clear audio is essential. Whether integrating acoustic planning into a new workspace or solving current audio issues within existing workspaces with professional acoustic treatments, audio should be addressed at the same time as the visual element.

The latest conferencing NoiseBlock technology eliminates distracting background noise ensuring that the focus is on the speaker and not what is happening behind them.


SHACollaboration never looked like this beforeRING CONTENT: Get your fair share

Today we have a multitude of devices at our disposal, all of which may be connected to the display and presentation solutions within the professional services work space. The workplace of the future should accommodate content and calendar sharing, such as Lync and Skype integration, whether working on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Why not present and share wirelessly?


DISPLAY: Getting hands on with technologySee

With the use of tablets and smartphones at home, we take touchscreen technology for granted. We not only expect it in our work lives but want to be able to use multi-touch and gestures as well.   And the content we are interacting with must be crisp, clear, in HD – or increasingly 4K. Audio visual technologies and content combined are the key elements to effective messaging.


AGILITY: RSimplyethinking the office workspace

Every company has its own specific requirements for collaborating with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. And even within an organisation, those needs can vary over time and between projects. Integrating Cloud based solutions with the latest conferencing technology delivers business ready solutions that are flexible and scalable.

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