Work practices drive technology development

Technology development in the workplace

Work places and teaching spaces are changing. The trend towards more flexible work practices not only drives manufacturer’s technology development programmes, but demands a more bespoke approach to systems and solution planning – the development of ‘agile’ services.

Throughout a typical day a worker could start in an informal collaborative space with their team, before focusing on individual work. Later they may meet visitors in a traditional meeting room, then finish the day in a private room to take a phone call. The physical working environment, and the supporting technology, needs to be designed to respond to these changing dynamics.

A good example of where technology developers have responded to this need is with wireless devices. Combine such devices with a Cloud based system and workers are released from their desks. Using the Cloud to seamlessly link remote employees and partners across sites or countries, allows organisations to adapt to the needs of the agile worker.

Another seismic shift is in the way content is produced for display screens. If compelling, content can make powerful brand statements, share important advice or give information to the viewer. Increasingly, technology transforms the users’ ability to shape their engagements through touch screens, gestures and mobile interfaces and influences how content is produced.

When the needs of the user are at the centre of technology design, the technology can support collaboration and sharing in a meaningful way. Your meeting objective may be to solve a problem, make a decision, launch a project or impart news. Holistic solutions such as flexible meeting pod or huddle spaces which combines office furniture with relevant technology, offer new ways to meet the changing demands.

What challenges have you encountered in implementing agile working? Has your organisation adopted Cloud working? And how does it handle content? Let us know by tweeting using the hashtag #flexibleworking

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