Reflex can use the cloud for AV integration in any employment fieldHaving installed multiple Cloud based installations for different clients over the last couple of years, it’s become apparent just how flexible the technology is in helping meet a whole range of different objectives. Here we look at some different market sectors, the requirements for each and how the Cloud helped meet the need.

A client in the Higher Education sector wanted to:

  • Improve attendance and grades
  • Communicate on multiple platforms
  • Introduce distance learning for foreign students

The Cloud gave students the ability to call into their lectures and seminars on any device, record attendance and see all participants in full view at all times. The lecturers can produce reports on the attendance of each lecture.

A client in the Financial sector wanted to:

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Maximise their meeting space without adding square footage
  • Introduce cost efficient, flexible communications between branches

With space at a premium, the Cloud gave increased flexibility to the client to hold meetings in their existing offices. Weekly team meetings with other branches are now held over the Cloud with hours of travelling time saved.

A Conference Centre wanted to:

  • Increase their return on investment
  • Introduce new revenue streams
  • Add a competitive advantage

This client used the Cloud to add an extra customer service, allowing them of have multiple participants join meetings and conferences from remote locations. The venue is able to accurately pass costs onto customers because the system bills by the minute. It’s allowed them to open up their facilities to training organisations who have overseas delegates join courses remotely.

A Healthcare Trust wanted to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Allow faster decisions/faster data share to save lives and hit targets
  • Lower the cost of travel
  • Secure platforms for privacy

This client is using Cloud based video communications to bring consultants face to face with patients quickly. This enables faster diagnosis and access to the correct consultant, whether they are at home or on the road. Data can be shared and other professionals brought in the call as necessary.

The more we work with Cloud based solutions; the benefits and flexibility they bring become more apparent.

If your organisation is wrestling with any of the above issues, contact the Video Doctor for an informal discussion by email, phone – 0118 975 4750 or live chat.