The Agile Workspace – live at TD15

We are increasingly understanding the cost and productivity benefits that a more agile, activity based approach to working bring. Engage with global brand Vodafone as they address this in the informative seminar at TD15 – The Agile Workspace.

As a technology decision maker, you may well be asked to consider how the solutions you are planning can contribute to more agile workspaces.

Attend this seminar: if you want to understand more about what you should consider when implementing an agile working approach. This seminar is for you if you are interested in:-

  • using space effectively for both flexible and specific needs
  • supporting flexible working and understanding the role technology plays
  • improving productivity and controlling costs
  • addressing demands on office footprint
  • increasing the efficiency of recruitment and retention
  • achieving buy-in and adoption from senior colleagues
  • keeping up to date with the latest work practices

Expect to learn: how a leaner, more agile approach can result in significant cost savings and productivity gains – and how AV is becoming a powerful enabler of activity based working. Find out more about Vodafone’s Better Ways of Working – a tried and tested strategic transformation programme to help you meet demands for flexibility.

Leave the seminar: feeling confident about what agile working is and the benefits it brings. Understanding how you might approach developing a strategy in your workplace and with an insight into how to get support from the top management in your organisation.

Date : 15.10.15

Time : 10:00 – 10:30

Venue : Reflex AV Tech Day @ Wembley Stadium, London