AV Training Support

The Reflex AV Training Support Service offers the essential training support tools you and your organisation need to make the most out of your audio visual products and solutions

AV Training Support

Whoever the users, their capabilities or preferred training type, talk to the Reflex training team to help.

Options include:

  • In person training
    – ideal for all levels and groups
  • Assisted online training
    – ideal for refreshers and multiple sites
  • AV technical support
    – via telephone, online and web-chat
Reflex AV offer Interactive Technology for Displays

Reflex strives to be at the forefront of technology. We have a responsibility to ensure organisations and users of technology understand how to use the AV products and solutions we provide, install and maintain.

Our first class product and solution training start from a familiarisation or refresher session. These can be training or support of a simple product through to a bespoke programme designed around a more complex installation.

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Room Familiarisation
Product Training
Soft Skills
Bespoke Training
Guidance and Advice
Room Familiarisation
Banner Room Familiarsation

This session examines the individual components that come together to create a room installation.

Our sessions

  • Examine how each individual item works
  • Look at how the products interact together as a solution
  • Highlight the benefits to the user

The course is tailored specifically to a room or area within your organisation.

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Product Training
Banner Product Training

This training is specific to products and software and is designed to simplify technology. Delegates will learn the best and easiest way to use individual products.

  • Ideal when new technology has been introduced into the workplace
  • Or for new employees to learn about existing products

Courses are available as full or half days and can be tailored to any of the products in our portfolio.

Popular AV products and technologies in the portfolio are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Videoconferencing
  • Display Technologies
  • Digital Signage
  • Control Panels
  • Voice Over IP

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Soft Skills
Banner Soft Skills Training

Your staff may know how to operate the equipment but to really get the most from technology that knowledge needs expanding. These sessions examine the ‘etiquette’ around using technology in a real environment such as:

  • How to conduct a video conference
  • How best to manage a meeting
  • Effective group or individual presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills

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Bespoke Training
Banner Bespoke Training

Any type of AV training for any level of employee! We can design and deliver a totally bespoke training programme that exactly matches your organisational objectives.

The bespoke training can be based on any of our training packages we offer and tailored around your needs and requirements or completely redesigned especially for you.

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Guidance and Advice
Banner guidance and advice

If you are developing your AV training plan, we can help you right from the start by:

  • Conducting a training needs analysis which examines technical, product and soft skills needs
  • Scoping your training requirement
  • Providing technical AV support over the telephone, online or via web chat

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