Tools to support diversity in workingTechnology supplies the tools to support the speed in today’s changing workplace. We take a look at the key considerations of the modern work environment in supporting diverse working methods.

More efficient meetings
Today’s meetings are all about defying distance with group collaboration. There’s more demand than ever before for teams to work across buildings, across the country or across the world. The solution is conferencing technology. And whether desk based or from within a conferencing suite, your integrator will help you specify a system that delivers vivid images and crystal clear audio, as well as providing the interactivity for dispersed teams to work as one wherever they may be based. It is only through getting the quality of these aspects correct that conferencing can truly replace meeting face to face.

Business ready environments are ones that can adapt, with areas for all types of meeting requirements. They require multi-functional/all-in-one tools that form the basis of a Unified Communications strategy. A good example is Microsoft Lync. It’s a platform that works across all devices, with a consistent interface. Users can connect from anywhere, and it’s completely intuitive control allows organisations to respond faster and make quicker decisions.

Bespoke or modular solutions
Totally bespoke solutions that combine technology with furniture and seek to meet specific needs will become more common. Examples of projects Reflex has been involved with include an engineering laboratory solution combining high definition displays, concealed keyboards, control and power alongside personal audio listening, all integrated into one neat system for up to eight people. Alternatively small modular systems with meeting table, dual displays for VC and booking system are a popular option for small open areas such as corridors or outside meeting rooms.

Reflex can help you review the latest tools to support diversity. Contact us regarding FIT (Furniture Integrated with Technology) solutions through to the latest offerings from world leaders like Microsoft.