We have the tools to collaborate – but are we using them?So the tools are available to enhance collaboration and the culture is right, but are your people actively using the technology?

People are not machines. They develop, personally and professionally, through more than just performing functions. And if they are to use the tools available, they need to understand how they will benefit, and feel supported by their leaders.

Within Reflex we are practicing what we preach. A recent new strategic allegiance with an IT innovation company raised the need for agile, collaborative support, joined up communications and an effective communications system.

We have used collaboration tools to manage this relationship. The technology allows us to run multiple Project Teams, with instant messaging between team members, sharing documents, site survey information and both audio and video conferencing between team members. This has cut down on endless emails copied to everyone, and allows information and decisions to be made and shared very quickly.

Team notifications are sent automatically to our mobile devices so we can keep track on projects as they are happening. A huge benefit is that it has almost eradicated the need for email communication and provides a live working environment no matter where team members are physically.

Through adopting the tools and maximising their use, we can manage the relationship with all parties far more effectively.

What’s your experience of encouraging people to adopt new collaborative technology? Are tools embraced or is there nervousness about adopting them? Give your view on Twitter or LinkedIn.