First, ask yourself what type of audio visual (AV) job will this be? I.e. Projector, screen and installation in single room, multiple rooms installation, complete future proof solution in multiple rooms and locations etc.

Does the project require a Project Manager, design and technical team? If so then they will be able to work with you and around the AV budget you have. Contact the Reflex team to discuss as there are many additional aspects to consider than the following listed below.

Do you have an estimated budget that you have in mind or given? A good tip is to create independently two options, option one will be the essential option and option two will be the nice to have. Make a list for both options taking into account the tips below.

Ask yourself how the AV equipment will be used and for what purpose. This will help you to identify key items of equipment, to which you can then allocate areas of budget. For example, in a brightly lit reception area, where the purpose is to communicate with visitors you may want to budget for a Digital Signage solution displayed on a Plasma or LCD screen and power/containment as the main equipment without services.

Allocate the greater share of your AV budget to the AV equipment that you will use the most and the services that support this equipment. Paying for higher quality equipment is more likely to enhance the use of the room.

If you are refurbishing a pre-existing room, and need to allocate a budget for installation consider:

  1. The environment you are putting the equipment into i.e. ambient light, structure details of the room/building etc.
  2. The amount of equipment you think you may need installing.
  3. The location of the equipment in the room/area this will determine the amount of cabling needed for the AV install and how much estimated budget allocated for other departments for electrics and network points etc?

Below are some items/services commonly missed but often needed so don’t forget to build them into your budget if required:

  • Maintenance support
  • Security i.e. Projector cages, lockable cabinets etc
  • Lighting
  • Room control
  • raining for end users and in-house technical support
  • Wall plates, cables, mounting and data supplies
  • IT equipment including resident PC’s
  • Building trades

The above tips are a brief overview so any queries, help or quotes on any audio visual equipment, solutions or projects please contact the Reflex Sales, Service, Technical or Projects team on: 0118 31 3611 or email or visit for further details.