The smart spaces that are becoming intelligentThe fantasy future workspace or home, as envisaged by those science programmes of the 1960s, is now with us. Technology allows the kind of functionality that seemed almost inconceivable just a few decades ago.

Big data, the Internet of Things, mobile and cloud technology, these are the drivers of the future. Spaces are no longer just ‘Smart’ they are evolving to become Intelligent, and everything is connected.

What makes these spaces so intelligent?

The upcoming Generation Z, who have grown up with technology, have expectations of the workplace that can not only deliver intuitive, personalised technology but has consideration for the environment through the efficient use of energy. Comprehensive apps and collaborative environments are high on their priority list.

Workspaces, with their need for greater efficiency and productivity, are stealing ideas from the residential market. Because of the larger scale deployment demanded in a commercial environment, the impact of the technology on people is proportionately greater.

So what are the growing trends in our smart world?

As this trend grows, we will become accustomed to working in buildings that learn our behaviour and patterns and have the ability to report on finding and statistics. Workplaces will be increasingly powered by the internet, united by a platform that helps employees to be smarter and more productive.

Do these developments strike home with you or do you think we are still a long way from Intelligent workspaces? What trends do you see impacting on your workplace? #smartspaces