The smart building revolution delivers integrated solutionsThe competitive nature of today’s corporate and higher education environments demands that smart building technology delivers tangible benefits to both the organisation and its users.

From an organisational point of view, users are looking for tools that make it easier to manage their workload and automate previously time consuming practises. Management teams seek to maximise productivity, simplify reporting and improve the efficiency of operations. And for the IT/AV departments, security of systems, easy configuration and administration and a streamlined servicing procedure are high on wish lists.

What we are seeing within the smart building movement is the bringing together of previously disparate technologies. Whereas once we would specify a digital signage system, or a room booking system, we are now seeing systems that encompass many aspects into one integrated solution.

An example is Sharing Cloud Instant Suite. This is an all in one solution that uniquely integrates room booking, digital signage, Web TV and video on demand, through a hosted cloud service into a single platform.

Users and visitors benefits from being able to instantly book and check meeting or lecture rooms and directions on an interactive 3D map. This feature is particularly useful for organisations with a hot desking policy or for students or visitors finding their way around the campus. They can order a cab or check the wi-fi access code via the system. They can receive useful information through the system such as traffic updates or internal communications. Once in their meeting or lecture any issues with the facility can be instantly analysed and reported to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Managers find the technology optimises room usage, decreasing the no-show ratio by up to 80%. Media management can be controlled centrally via a familiar web interface, as can facility management aspects, such as cleaning and servicing.

The technology departments will not only find that this type of system is cost effective, but that it integrates with commonly used platforms in all areas of its functionality. In-depth analysis tools allow the technical aspects of the system to be easily monitored and managed.

We expect to see more of these integrated solutions coming onto the market. Do you see a need for such systems in your organisation? Will they replace legacy signage and room booking systems? Let us know using #smartbuildings on Twitter or LinkedIn.