Ten years on – a personal view from Roland Dreesden2013 sees a couple of 10 year anniversaries for us at Reflex. We are about to host our 10th annual Technology Day – an initiative that was started with the aim of educating the market place about how to get the best from technology.

Back then the focus was almost entirely on projectors and interactive whiteboards – how times have changed! The technologies may now be very different but the aim is as valid today as it always was. And on a personal note, it’s ten years since I joined the company and boy, have I seen some changes!

With huge leaps forward in technology in our personal lives, such as iPhone’s, Tablets etc, many end users have become more technically aware. It’s led to a keener interest in general AV technology, so much so that users feel confident to challenge their own organisation’s technical needs.

I have seen a dramatic shift in how Universities engage with their students. There is a move away from the traditional ways of teaching, to a more relaxed team/collaborative style where students work in small groups and use their own technology for research and presentation. Even during lectures, students are encouraged to carry out research whilst the Lecturer talks.

Being aware of the need for technology training has certainly come to light, particularly within the corporate market. However, it’s a still an area that often gets overlooked and one that integrators have a duty to educate users about.

With AV being now more aligned to IT than ever before, it has become more than just a ‘nice to have’ technology, and is now as vital as IT in normal daily work life for many. The dedicated AV Technician or department has expanded their skill set to include more IT related needs. However, IT departments still absolutely need the expertise of the AV person. AV is still very much tailored to the organisation’s needs and therefore can have more nuances than IT.

The large demand of flat screens over projectors has been a major change, especially in the corporate meeting/boardroom environment. With the technology of flat screens improving in size, quality, choice and with the price coming down, this sector has and will continue to expand, and the gap will potentially widen between displays and projectors.

I’d like to thank all those customers that I have worked with during my 10 years at Reflex and look forward to continue working with you.