Regular readers may remember that earlier in the year we reported on our Senior Project Manager Paul Stevens’ mammoth undertaking to spend 23 days at sea in the World Clipper Race.

Due to the huge amount of interest in the story, we thought it was time for an update on Paul’s progress – and what a story so far!

Things didn’t begin quite as Paul hoped, in fact, there was a disastrous start to his voyage.  Having left Cape Town on the Team Greenings yacht on 1st November, Paul thought his dreams were to be shattered when the boat ran aground on a reef after just a day.  When we interviewed Paul about his thoughts back in June, this was his worst fear, that something would happen to the yacht and end his adventure.

The accident occurred just off the western side of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa and necessitated a dramatic rescue of the crew by the South African Emergency Response Team.  Unfortunately, that was the end of the journey for Team Greenings.

 However, as often happens in life, when one door shuts, another opens.  On Sunday 5th November another team, HotelPlanner, had to divert to Port Elizabeth to drop off an injured crew member with a suspected fractured arm.  This gave an opportunity for Paul and a further five of the Greenings crew to join them and so be able to complete Leg 3 of the race.

You can see the crew are currently in last place because of the diversion.  However, they steadily gained ground – or should that be ocean – over the last week of the race, and they won the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint, a race between two lines of latitude. The great news is that Paul is back in the race and can complete the dream that he has spent two and half years training for.

You can read Paul’s blog post here.

 Currently resting in Freemantle, Australia, it looks like Paul might be joining Team Great Britain for Leg 4 of the race, after the sad loss of one of their team. It has also been announced that all of the original Greenings crew will be offered places across the remaining teams, so everyone will be able to complete this Leg if they want to. Whilst the rest of us are eating up leftover turkey on Boxing Day, Paul will be setting off from Sydney to Hobart.

January update:

Paul is currently in the race 6 of leg 4 sailing with Team Great Britain. This is the final section which is from Hobart, Tasmania to Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. They departed Hobart on 5th Jan and are currently lying in 5th place with 1216NM to go. Their anticipated arrival window is Sat 13th Jan to Monday 15th Jan.

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Any readers interested in following the race on Twitter can do so at @ClipperRace.