Audio Visual technology in a conference room environmentOn 27th September a group of our customers who actively use IBM and Polycom systems joined our Social Business Communication Forum at the Polycom Executive Briefing Centre.

Reflex has partnered with Polycom and IBM because we recognise that all organisations need to make their UC investments work together seamlessly. We believe our partners have jointly developed a solution that contributes to cost reduction, increases collaboration among individuals as well as groups, and enables smart communications throughout the organisation.

The senior representative who attended were from across corporate, public sector and higher education sectors, as well as the consultancy world. They took part in interactive presentations about the need for faster ad hoc communication and the ability to communicate from any place, any time, using any device.

During a forum session, they discussed the barriers to the fast growing need for ‘on hand’ collaboration tools and shared their views on what is required to make Business Social Collaboration, incorporating the likes of Skype, Facebook and other social media, successful in their organisations. Interesting points arose about the use of cloud based services such as concerns about security, a lack of real understanding about what is available and the feeling that demand would be end user driven.

The feedback from the day was universally positive, with some of the attendees saying:

“I found the forum exceedingly useful. The number of sectors represented enabled me to gain valuable insights into the similar challenges my industry peers are encountering. The relaxed atmosphere helped us discuss these challenges and I took away a number of useful lessons learned and contacts that I am certain will be advantageous in the future.”

Omid Shiraji, Head of Strategy and Service Development at City University London

“An excellent day; relevant and with real-world conversation between important market sectors. It was interesting to hear broadly similar accounts of opportunity and challenge from education, medicine and defence whilst also noting markedly differing visions and strategies in place to deal with the technology as it grows and stabilizes.”

John Sykes, Principle Consultant at Arup

Following the success of this event, Reflex will be holding a seminar on cloud services at TD12 on 28th November so anyone wanting to understand the issues more fully should register to attend.

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