Revolabs FLX - ReflexReflex introduces the Wireless Conference Revolabs FLX Phone - WCRFP

Once upon a time, a phone was a single component. The Revolabs FLX changes that.

Designed specifically for mid to small sized conference rooms and executive offices, the wireless Revolabs FLX is comprised of several distinct components, giving you the freedom to place speakers, microphones and dial pads wherever they are needed.

People on the call will feel as if they are all in the same room, speaking face-to-face, thanks to the audio technology, which delivers superior sound quality in all environments. All microphones and speakers support wide band audio, delivering natural sounding audio.

Since the microphones and speaker are wireless and independent of each other, a variety of microphones can be used to match your needs. Whether it is a lapel mic worn by one person, an omni-directional tabletop one or a directional tabletop option – you have the choice to select the best microphone.

The FLX system also replaces the need for separate desk and conference phones. The dialer is used to set up a conference call, or works lorazepam like a telephone for handset calls. Private conversations can be held at the start, middle or end of a conference call.

You can also use the FLX as the audio interface with your video conferencing unit, providing the same high performance and freedom for your video calls. The system is compatible with all major brands of video conferencing systems.

Bluetooth connectivity is integrated into the FLX so that it can be your sole collaboration device, independent of the communication channel you use. It is available in versions that include two or four microphones and also VOIP or analog phone interfaces.

Setup of the system takes only a few simple steps, getting you up and running quickly!

For pricing and further information please contact Dave Chapman directly on: 0118 975 4725, email: or our our sales team

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