Reflex launches app to help AV users

Here at Reflex we are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers, and of course using technology to do this comes naturally to us.

With a reported 46 million apps downloaded every day, they are a tool we couldn’t ignore and our technical team has been working on a Reflex mobile app which is now launched – the first of any integrator in the UK.

The Reflex app, AV Quote Calc is designed to help AV users and includes three useful calculators that help you manage your AV installation.

  • AV Maintenance Calculator – creates an estimated quote cost for a maintenance contract on your AV equipment giving you on-the- spot figures to help with your budget planning.


  • Projector Lamp Life Calculator – works out when you need to replace your projector lamp and clean the filter, so that you can easily prepare maintenance schedules, optimise stock levels and prevent lamp life issues.


  • Fault Diagnostics Calculator – estimates the call-out cost on your faulty AV equipment, instantly giving you the information you need to decide on how to deal with the fault.


Initially AV Quote Calc is available for Android mobiles as this platform the most prevalent in the market place. But don’t worry if you’re an Apple fan, there is a web version that can be accessed by anybody.

To download the Reflex app visit Please do give us your feedback on the app and let us know how we can make it even more useful. For feedback contact Kristy Shepherd on