Audio Visual technology in a work place environmentLeadent Solutions provide business and technology services to help organisations make their workforces more productive, efficient and competitive.

When Chief Executive Alastair Clifford-Jones was looking to develop a state of the art demonstration suite, the starting point was seven displays to be installed in the downstairs of the company’s office and Innovation Centre, housed in a converted barn in rural Oxfordshire.

Three displays were installed on the back wall and three on the left-hand side – with the final one desk mounted in the centre of the room. A combination of technologies was used for this to accommodate the varied project requirements of image size, resolution and interactivity. All the products installed are RS232 controllable enabling every element of the finished system to work together seamlessly.

The handling of the content for the displays was a complicated requirement, with every display showing different and changing content. The content is controlled from a hand held iPad, with a simple GUI. Additionally one pocket- sized keyboard gives interaction with every screen, allowing edits and annotations of any of the content by a presenter moving around the suite.

An additional technically complex challenge was to achieve the level of interaction required, as each technology uses different software. Reflex achieved this objective through using six PCs connected over a network to an Extron fully digital matrix switcher, fitted with USB and DVI Pro cards.

A table mounted display was needed to work as an easel, either flat as a touch table or upright as a finger controlled interactive screen. A 40” interactive LCD screen was used to allow visitors to interact with the display. Any content on the screen can be sent to any or all of the other six displays.

The amount of cabling required to achieve the client’s objectives was pretty impressive considering the size of the space available – 500m of HDMI and audio cable, plus network cabling” says Technical Sales Engineer David Chapman, “as was the size of the hidden rack for all of the source and control elements of the system.”

After a successful installation, Clifford-Jones said “We are able to showcase real innovation to our clients through our solutions, but we also wanted to do this through the use of technology within the office and demonstration area itself. The equipment provided by Reflex has allowed us to do that with great success.”

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