Reflex AV Integrators - Projecting into the futureAt one time, a meeting room or classroom audio visual installation had the projector at its heart. In today’s modern installation the projector is often conspicuous by its absence, being replaced by a Large Format Display (LFD). So when and where is a projector still the route to go?

Whilst it is true that LFDs have overtaken projectors in smaller environments, when it comes to a large screen, with high resolution requirements on a tight budget, then projectors come into their own.

We believe there will always be situations now and in the future where projectors are the best choice. Examples include:-

  • where there is a need to move a system from room to room – projectors are much easier to relocate than large, heavy screens
  • where the presenter is ‘on the road’ – a sales manager for example
  • where you need excellent resolution on a large screen
  • where budgets are tight – the quality/cost ratio is so much more favourable for projectors against LFDs
  • where you have large audiences and you need the back row to be able to see the image

What do you think, have you considered projectors as an alternative, or do your loyalties lie with LFDs? Leave a comment on this blog and let us know. If you need advice on audio visual displays please contact the Reflex team.