Latest Technologies

Always at the forefront of technology, Reflex has been a pioneer in bringing new technologies and solutions to market.

Since 1983 has Reflex built up strategic relationships with all the major manufacturers and distributors in the AV industry meaning Reflex is one of the premier suppliers of AV equipment and can source virtually any product.

Nureva HDL300

Inaudible participants on conference calls is a frustrating, time-wasting problem that is all too common in the corporate world. The substantial growth of the number of remote workers has sparked anincrease in conference calls involving multiple workers in disparate locations.…
Redefining our understanding of collaboration

Redefining our understanding of collaboration

People have been collaborating for centuries. So what’s changed to make it THE hot technology topic of the last few years? The enabling collaborative services that are now available mean that collaboration has been redefined. What are these services and…
Microflex Advance

Immersive audio technology for effective AV conferencing

When you have a room full of people each eager to voice their views, what is the most important aspect of the AV technology?  The quality of the projected image?  The discreet housing of the screen?  The simple touch button…
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