Digital Signage

Digital signage or digital messaging is a term used to describe the display of real-time information on electronic devices such as plasma screens, LCD panels, and projectors. Information can be common, or unique across any number of display devices. Information from multiple sources can be displayed simultaneously.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Requirements

Reflex’s digital media team can help bring you and your customer closer together.

You may be streaming company information, stock updates or news, enabling on-demand download of information, or using interactive wayfinding within your reception, lobby and public spaces to help guide clients, visitors and your staff around your building. Whatever your need, today’s digital media is about sharing communication and providing messages that engage your audience.

Reflex AV Digital Signage

Display Content

Digital Media is much more than replacing static information and advertising, it helps create new and innovative experiences by sharing:

  • Executive and organisational communications
  • Training tools
  • Customer, patient, or staff interaction
  • Directions and transportation information
  • Safety and security alerts

With scalable high-definition video display networks, robust content platforms and multi-channel delivery options, our digital media solutions instantly carry your content anywhere.

Reflex AV Digital Signage for the Catering Industry

What to do Next

Reflex will work with your business to understand how you work. We’ll create a comprehensive digital media strategy that allows you to deliver your message through high-definition video and content, transforming your communication environment by providing dynamic messaging, quick customisation and cost-saving delivery to reach your target audience.

Reflex AV Digital Signage

Contact Us

Contact the Reflex Technical Team to discuss the right display and signage solution for your project.

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