Room Control Systems

Solve a problem

In many presentation environments there are a number of items to control, such as a projector or plasma screen, video, DVD, amplifier and PC, each with a remote control. The running of a multimedia presentation can get complicated, especially if a remote has gone missing! If you then add in video conferencing, lighting, air conditioning etc then operating the room can become a complete nightmare. The answer is to incorporate a room control system.

Control Systems and AV Programming - Reflex

Full Range of Solutions

At the more sophisticated end of the market it is possible to program systems that will drive all the functionality of the individual items of equipment as well as to program combination events. For example you could have a button that when pushed, switches on the DVD, automatically dim the lights, turns on the audio system and closes the curtains. At entry level we provide a simple push button solution that enables all the major equipment to be controlled from a single panel. Reflex carries a range of control systems from AMX, Crestron, Extron and Procon.

Board room display technology from Reflex AV

In-house Programmers

We believe that we are unique as a UK systems integrator in employing three of our own programming staff fully trained on AMX, Crestron, Extron and Procon control systems.

Videoconferencing from Reflex AV
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