Reflex meet any conference requirements as accomplished AV integrators

Working closely with world-class manufacturers, the technical team here at Reflex has used their technical knowledge and end-user experience to shape the design and functionality of products and solutions – all driven by the need to meet requirements of our customers.

As an integrator, we are superbly placed to truly understand the users’ requirements and be able to match this with our breadth of technical and product knowledge.

Working with manufacturers, we have produced some hybrid and totally bespoke solutions on behalf of customers.  For example:-

  • Dual masted eight person meeting solution for an engineering laboratory with four displays, concealed keyboards, control, power and personal audio listening system all integrated into one neat solution. The lecturer can communicate to each individual booth and send different tasks to each, communicating via a PA system, streamed to their touch screen display or mobile device.  The tasks set by the lecturer and feedback from students is not constrained to the nine solutions in the laboratory, they can be streamed anywhere in the campus and in theory anywhere in the world.
  • Bespoke five seater steel lectern incorporating a transmitter, received, blue ray player and confidence monitor and our own designed floor cable raceway supplying power and data over a suspended floor to the lectern. The raceway is an interlocking cable concealer and protector, it is limitless to the size or the amount of cables run through it, it still has the ability to access the cables when secured to the floor.
  • Upholstered FIT (Furniture Integrated with Technology) The Skylon FIT Booth and Forum combine a modern seating booth that can be fully customised and incorporates a display screen, wireless connectivity and booking system to create a handmade fully integrated AV suite.

Want to find out how we can work with you to produce your own bespoke AV collaborative solution? Click here to send us your requirements.