Inaudible participants on conference calls is a frustrating, time-wasting problem that is all too common in the corporate world. The substantial growth of the number of remote workers has sparked anincrease in conference calls involving multiple workers in disparate locations. The confusion caused by not being able to hear a participant or convey your message easily is one of the great meeting disruptors. There’s a demand for a vastly improved audio experience to allow all employees to communicate and collaborate effectively, that delivers:-

  • The ability for workforces to collaborate effectively regardless of their location
  • Remote meeting participants feeling like they’re right there with their team
  • Every attendee able to contribute equally and be heard clearly
  • Improved collaboration and meeting room performance

The Nureva HDL300 system has the power to simultaneously process every audio source in a room and deliver a more natural sense of communication. Optimised for small to mid-sized meeting and collaboration spaces, at the core of the HDL300 is Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology which fills a room with 8,192 virtual microphones.

Calibration for the HDL300 system is automatic – change the room layout or seating arrangements and it adjusts accordingly. And installation couldn’t be easier. Hang the HDL300 on the wall with two screws in less than 30 minutes. Then simply use with your preferred conferencing platform, with no need for any driver installation.

The result is a system that simultaneously processes sound from all virtual microphones to provide both every participants, whether in the room or remotely based, with the highest quality listening experience.