A different type of demonstration for a clever system designed to hide background noise in meeting rooms and stop sensitive conversations being overheard.

A noisy solutionAbout a month ago the pre-sales technical team here at Reflex made our way into the training room to hear about a new system from Sound Directions, an existing partner specialising in directional speakers.

The product we were there to see was their Cambridge Sound Management system, which uses pink noise to eliminate distractions in meeting rooms caused by outside noises.  Sound Directions talked us through the hardware they had laid out on the floor – of course, in practice it would be in the ceiling. After the explanation, they said the demonstration would start. Everyone expected them to switch the system on – but were all rather surprised when they turned it off!

It turns out the system had been emitting the pink noise throughout their pitch without any of us noticing.  However, when turned off, the difference was immediately obvious.  Suddenly we could hear all the usual noises of printers running and people moving about and talking in the office outside the room. It was a highly effective way of demonstrating the benefits of this system, which can be used within any space affected by distracting noises, effectively masking them and helping attendees’ concentration.

Perhaps of even greater benefit, it can be used in corridors outside meeting rooms to cloak the sound coming from within, making it impossible to overhear sensitive conversations.

Needless to say, we were all impressed and would recommend that anyone with requirements for soundproofing around meeting rooms arranges a demonstration.