The event held at Workplace House in Farringdon was extremely well received by the 70 visitors. The day was split into sessions, each beginning with presentations from Simon Murphy and Andi Allan followed by whistle-stop tours of 9 different rooms/spaces featuring different meeting room technologies (many permanently installed). Feedback from the event suggests that the venue was excellent, the general format worked and the content clearly of value to those attending (mainly responsible for AV facilities in corporate companies and universities):

“The event was excellent & we did come away with some ideas and plans for what we are looking to in the future.”

“It was a very insightful and helpful session. It was great to see the IT working in harmony with the furniture and surrounding, this was helpful to demonstrate the technologies.”

“I found the event very informative with a good overview of each technology and I would definitely visit future events.”

“The format of seven installations in an actual active environment worked fantastically, the small group sizes made things feel personal and the speakers were compelling in the limited time allotted.”