Meeting Room Technology Day
Workplace House, Farringdon


Hear about the latest developments in VC and
collaboration and how
they affect the design of meeting room AV systems.

See a wide range of the new AV equipment
designed to improve the meeting room VC and collaboration experience

Experience live
demonstrations of working systems within a range of different meeting room

Compare the
video and audio performance of some of the latest meeting room cameras and microphones on
live test

Discuss any
questions you may
have with design experts
from Reflex and representatives of the equipment manufacturers.

All within a fantastic  working office environment designed to  showcase Kinnarps’ extensive office furniture


See the new Microsoft-approved Windows Collaboration Display from Avocor

See a fully-equipped Zoom-approved ‘Zoom Room’ system in action

Nowadays, one of the most regular issues
we address with our customers is how best to equip their meeting rooms to make
it as easy as possible to bring remote parties into a meeting and allow them to
fully participate as if they were there.

This event sets out to show, in a live
environment, how the latest equipment from some leading manufacturers is
addressing this and to share ideas on how to overcome some of the problems that
can limit the effectiveness or ease of use of VC and collaboration systems
within meeting rooms.

It is also an opportunity to see some
other innovative products from furniture to room scheduling all designed to
enhance meeting room facilities.


Reflex will run three scheduled  ‘event tours’ at 9:30am, 11:30am and 1:30pm, each will last for 90 minutes and include:

  1. A seminar run by Simon Murphy and Andi Allan of Reflex  covering “the latest developments in VC and collaboration and how they affect the design of meeting room AV systems.”
  2. A tour around 8 different rooms/zones each featuring a different system demonstration.
  3. A live comparison of video and audio performance of various room systems.

from the tours, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss specific
issues/ideas with the Reflex technical team and manufacturer representatives.


Workplace House is a unique venue; it
offers three floors with a broad range of different meeting rooms and spaces
all immaculately presented with Kinnarps furniture and high quality furnishings.
In 2018, Avocor
fitted out the facility with a range of their interactive displays and other
high quality AV equipment and began to use it as a showroom.

Thanks to the support of Avocor, we
have been able to bring in additional equipment and create  an ideal Environment to show off and compare
different working AV systems.


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