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Barco ClickShare makes connecting to the meeting rooms or classrooms video system a matter of clicking a button. One click and your presentation is on-screen. One click and your meeting is underway. Up to four people at once can click and share their laptop content on-screen. The result is enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making. Because you no longer need worry about connecting your laptop to the meeting room display, you feel confident and in control.

A standard ClickShare set up includes four USB powered ClickShare ‘buttons’, a storage basket for when they are not in use and a base unit. The base unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s presentation system, and takes care of all the processing.

Users who want to show their presentation on the large meeting room or classroom screen, simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC via the USB port. They start the application by clicking on the ClickShare Button and immediately their desktop or laptop is wirelessly transferred to the main screen. What’s more, ClickShare does not interfere with your laptop’s resolution, and automatically displays the screen content in the most optimal way.

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