Supporting Services

Reflex Managed Services, preventing downtime, maximising productivity.

Supporting Services

Maintenance Agreements

Over the last 25 years Reflex has developed a comprehensive range of maintenance services.

Technical Support

Reflex’s highly qualified helpful and approachable technical teams offer unlimited technical support.

Warranty Support

Not only prolong the working life of your AV products and services but provide assurance and peace of mind.

Training Support

Reflex offers hand-over, refresher, product, technology and bespoke training packages for all technical abilities.

Lamps and Accessories

Here you will find a lamp for virtually every projector ever manufactured.

Meet Our Team

Meet our key customer service, maintenance specialists and service engineers who make up the Managed Service team.

Reflex recognises that after sales service is very important to our customers. The nature of the equipment we supply means that when customers are using it they are likely to be in front of an audience and therefore any breakdown can lead to a missed opportunity or even embarrassment.

Reflex has provided managed maintenance and support services for its customers for over 25 years. Today we have in excess of 200 field maintenance contracts that range in cost and complexity from a single boardroom at under a £1,000 to 40 lecture theatres worth over £500,000 over seven years.

Download our APP

AV Quote Calc

AV Quote Calc has been developed for any AV business user that needs to create an estimated quote for maintenance and call out cost on faulty equipment and work out the lamp life of heir projectors so they can reorder in time.

These three useful AV quote calculators are all available for free and in one easy APP:

  • AV Maintenance Calculator – creates an estimated quote cost for a maintenance contract on your AV equipment.
  • Fault Diagnostics Calculator – Estimates the call-out cost on your faulty AV equipment.
  • Projector Lamp Life Calculator – Works out when you need to replace your projector lamp and clean the filter.
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