Maintenance of AV systems are also offered by ReflexAV installations have changed dramatically over the last few years and with them, the demand for maintenance support. A decade ago, organisations may have had one large projector and screen in their boardroom, used for occasional meetings. Today AV is integral, and often essential, to the way we work. Many people are using AV in their every day jobs and take it for granted that it will always be available to them.

Highly complex installations, network connectivity, specialist programming and increased levels of integration with IT mean the need for effective maintenance has never been higher. Reflex has tracked these changes over the years.

Many communication systems are reliant on AV, and so today’s customers are less likely to look for individual products to be serviced, but are demanding ‘whole system’ support. Reflex has evolved with the demand and created a team of experts such as a designated service programmer, advisory experts and highly qualified engineers who are fully up to date with the latest training. Committing to a high level SLA is an essential prerequisite that many customers demand and a key factor in Reflex’s 94% first fix rate.

Reflex has found that with increased productivity pressures, organisations cannot afford to shut down areas of their business for routine servicing. With a more flexible approach and a range of Essential Maintenance covers and services we can pass this flexibility down to our customers and their customers. The approach allows business as usual, be that fee paying students accessing streamed lectures, a third party using a hired out facility or a global video conference that must take place. A further option is to ensure continuity by having a designated service engineer(s) for each organisation or a part- or full-time on-site technician who can work around the business needs and be instantly available in an emergency.

It seems the variables of today’s maintenance needs are as many and varied as the solutions that are installed. Reflex’s support assures functionality, reduces the cost of ownership and prolongs the life of equipment.

Reflex is happy to give no obligation advice to any organisation about the level of maintenance cover that is appropriate to them and can provide a range of different maintenance options to match your needs. Click here to contact our support team.