Lose the wires, use the Cloud to connect seamlesslyRelated agile service: Guidance and advice on cloud based systems

Whether you are presenting or lecturing to an audience, collaborating or conferencing with colleagues or students, the ability to do so without wires opens up endless possibilities. Your choices suddenly increase – from the type of devices you are using to the location of the people you include.

The development of wireless networks means that almost any space can be an office. Lightweight laptops, tablets and smartphones have released workers from their desks. It’s commonplace to work on public transport, in coffee houses, at home or whilst travelling abroad. This enhanced mobility is redefining the demands we make on the conference systems available to us.

There’s also a clear challenge in developing a solution that is tailored to not only the user but the organisation’s requirements. Considerations include the need to use across different platforms, and being able to connect to an array of networks.

Using the Cloud to seamlessly link remote employees and partners, in order to conference across sites or countries, allows organisations to adapt to the needs of the agile worker.

Using a true Cloud based systems helps users to overcome common challenges such as:

  • How to sustain communication when mobile – the need to roam without losing a connection

  • Being able to connect to the information you need during a conference, when you need it

  • Assessing information even in areas where wired networks are impractical

  • The ability to expand a network quickly as your business grows

  • Enabling workers to join a conference no matter where they are physically located

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