Learning opportunities at TD17

How we survived an AV implementation in a live environment.

One of our three seminars held at TD17 and the most innovative recent installations. University of Hertfordshire’s Adam Harvey and Matthew Bell presented this seminar, outlining the ups and downs of implementing a cutting edge new system in a live environment – and explaining why the seven most expensive words in business are: “we have always done it that way!”

See the full presentation here and find out how Adam Harvey summarised the success of the project, saying “we got a system that delivers exactly what we need right now, will be easy and cost effective to upgrade when needed, at a considerable cost saving against ‘making do’ alternatives.”

Click here to join the live walk around at University of Hertfordshire on 25th April and see first-hand how this AV project works.

Pragmatic AV – solving the problems to find enhanced performance

In this end-user focused seminar our Senior Design Engineer, Andi Allan, talked about taking a pragmatic approach to AV design – drawing on research and knowledge from our clients, and the questions he gets asked when putting together technical specifications.

The aim of this seminar was to remind people of the fundamentals, to objectively review some of the technologies that are being heavily promoted and to provoke a fresh look at what’s really needed in presentation spaces – and examine what to spend their budgets on to get best value.

The seminar also identified a few key features and technologies that, whilst hot topics at the moment, may not always be needed. Finally, Andi looked at the benefits of standardisation and the idea of maximising a budget to meet the majority need.

See the full presentation here to understand Andi’s frank and refreshing approach to system design including the live demonstrations that were part of the seminar.

Creating connected buildings

The term ‘smart building’ has been a buzz word for some time, but this movement is still at an embryonic stage. Sure, there are any number of buildings that can automatically turn the lights on when it gets dark. But we are a long way from a truly intuitive building, one that fluxes its state, to become significantly more efficient from both a productivity and environment viewpoint, without the need for human intervention.

Our live debate looked at whether the ‘smart’ result will be achieved with The Scalpel, the latest London iconic building, and home to WR Berkley’s new European headquarters? The Scalpel sits on the corner of Lime Street and Leadenhall Street opposite the Lloyd’s building. It will be 190m tall – 10m taller than the Gherkin – with 38 storeys, a huge project by any standards.

The panel of Matthew Copelin, CIO, UK/Europe, WR Berkley Corporation and Gareth Johns, Group Chief Technology Officer, PTS Consulting gave their unique insight into the challenges. See the full debate on video here.