Reflex offer communication solutions through AVAs an audio visual integrator, one could take the view that our role is to specify, supply install and maintain AV solutions. And yes, of course, that’s the main purpose of our business. But we also believe we have a responsibility to inform, train, and sometimes challenge our customers. The better informed you are, the more productive our relationship will be. It’s what makes the difference between being a supplier and being a partner.

In this article we look briefly at some of the different ways we strive to achieve that communication.

We’ve mentioned above our Technology Days – this year being the twelfth one we have held. These events offer our customers a unique opportunity to talk directly to the product manufacturers. The events have evolved over the years but always aim to showcase innovative and exciting technology, whilst putting it into the context of how that technology can benefit a real working environment.

We also run smaller technology specific events throughout the year, such as our No Wires event which looked at matching the most relevant wireless products to the delegates’ individual requirements. This was held at our London demonstration suite which is another added value aspect of our service – customers are welcome to visit the suite at any time to see technology working ‘in situ’ – often much more useful than a straightforward product demonstration.

Specialist advice services such as Video Doctor and Genus Cloud – guidance and advice service on true cloud based systems, offer unbiased advice on using technology to embrace evolving working practices. They help customers to take a very strategic view about the use of technology rather than focusing on the hardware to purchase.

Another way we keep customers updated is through newsletters, emails and social media. Followers of our Twitter feed will get all the latest news as it happens. And our blog means that information sent out is always accessible long after the email has hit the recycle bin! A live chat function on our website lets you ask our experts any questions or queries as soon as they arise.

Any feedback on our communications is always welcome – contact us by phone, email, social media, live chat or face to face at any of our events.