Is room management the smart way to go?Who looks after the scheduling of the meeting spaces and tools in your organisation? It’s one of those jobs that often falls to the busy Facilities or Conference Managers. It’s extremely time consuming to keep on top of such resources and unless treated as top priority can result in increased costs, time wasting and lost productivity. Surely the smart way to handle it is through the use of technology?

Understanding how rooms and spaces are used and whether they are used effectively, is the key to optimising their efficiency. A room management system can help manage a set of resources comprehensively, offering invaluable assistance to the manager. For example, monitoring and analysing room temperature, raising blinds before each meeting and controlling the lighting. These are all the type of things that can be remotely managed via a control system. Benefits include:

  • Informing you of the availability of the spaces
  • Supporting better room and desk utilisation
  • Streamlining the booking of rooms, desks and other spaces
  • Integrating meeting room and VC scheduling
  • Monitoring and reporting of issues in the room
  • Monitoring energy consumption
  • Comprehensive reporting to support better decisions

Whilst important for the internal workforce, these issues become vital when the organisation makes their facilities available to third parties.

So can a room management system deliver an organisation an ROI?

It can, because it offers:-

  • Convenience of managing spaces – never lose a booking, have phantom bookings or double book space or equipment
  • Energy efficiency – turning off equipment, heat, and light when not in use
  • Staff and client/guest comfort – temperature, lighting, blinds all controlled
  • Ease of use – automated centrally or controlled by users at the push of a button
  • Integration with a Building Management System – enabling global management of a whole building

How do you manage room bookings in your work or learning environment? Have you installed, or are you thinking of installing, a room management system? And if so, have you seen any benefits or do you need some advice? #managemymeeting