IDX (Intelligent Digital Xchange) brings together a complete range of digital solutions required to effectively run an office or facilitate communication in a specific industry:

· Intelligent digital booking

· Intelligent digital casting

· Intelligent digital signage

· Intelligent digital retail

· Intelligent digital television

This system provides users with control over the information that is being displayed on screens across multiple sites from any networked location in the world. This not only helps to ensure brand consistency, but it also improves communication across sites and it frees up on-site staff to focus on other tasks.

Intelligent Digital Booking (IDB)

IDX’s comprehensive workspace solution for workplace management connects the workspace and provides the user with smoother and more personal experience. This solution greatly benefits organisations by providing them with detailed data on how areas are used, which then leads to the development of more efficient and productive spaces.

Hot desking: Staff can use the desk booking app to reserve a desk in the office on a time day and time to suit them. They can also choose which desk they want to book, which is particularly helpful if teams schedule to be in on the same day and need to work together.

Resource booking: Staff can book meeting rooms, locker spaces, and any other resources that they require using their phone.

Interactive wayfinding: Staff and visitors can use the system to find places and people. The system will not only show where the person or place can be found, but it will provide directions for the user showing how to get there.

Visitor management: Visitors can use the check-in pad to register their arrival, and this will automatically notify their host.

Mobile App management: Staff can reserve desk space and resources before they arrive at the office using their phone. When they are in the office, hands-free technology provides them with a safer, more efficient, and personalised way to control their environment. 

Desk occupancy: The booking system and on-desk sensors highlight the availability of desks. This is also essential for gathering business critical data that will help management to understand how the spaces are being used.

Wireless content sharing: Pulse Box is the only wireless display solution that works without an application. This gives any attendee the ability to wirelessly present their content without the need to connect using a dongle, or downloading an application.

Digital signage: Central management of digital displays gives the user flexibility to create content and choose where and when it will be displayed. Content that can be displayed targeting staff or customers, including important up-dates, news feeds, and directions. The screens can also be interactive so they can gather customer data (see below), or let the user select which content they want to see.

Room sensors: Sensors use heat and motion detectors to monitor room occupancy levels and space usage over time. The system can automatically release spaces which are booked but not being used to ensure that resources are used to their full potential.

Intelligent Digital Casting (IDC)

The Pulse Box is the first universal wireless presentation solution to work without an application or dongle. This makes meeting rooms easier to use and provides the user with more control over their meeting room experience: use any smartphone, tablet, or computer to wirelessly share their content in less than one minute.

Intelligent Digital Signage (IDS)

The IDS solution now makes it easier than ever for users to manage, schedule, and track all their content in an easy-to-use platform, which can be accessed from any networked computer around the world. Accounts can be set up with as many users as required, and all can be given different permissions depending on their needs. Each account also comes with unlimited storage, so all assets can be kept in one central location and tagged to enable easy searching and filtering of media materials.

Users have an overview of what content is displayed on all signage displays connected to the system and authorised users can schedule what content appears on which screens and when. This facilitates the roll-out of campaigns across multiple sites and ensures brand consistency across all locations. This also increases content relevancy, because all signs are being used to their fullest extent and as part of a coordinated programme. A wide variety of content can also be shown on the displays including single images, carousels, text, and video.

Finally, authorised users can view analytics reports and learn how customers are interacting with their campaigns. Forms can even be created and displayed on smaller Android devices to gather customer feedback and details.

Intelligent Digital Television (IDT)

This is where IPTV and digital signage converge to provide a business with a system that is flexible to suit its needs. The IDT’s easy-to-use template builder allows complete control over display designs. This ensures consistent communication and relevant messages across floors and buildings. This fully scalable system can also grow with the addition of new displays as a business grows.

Intelligent Digital Retail (IDR)

Lift & Learn: When customers lift a product to look at it, a sensor is triggered and material appears on the display related to the product. This enables businesses to provide their customers with a more engaging experience, and information to help them make a decision and complete a sale.

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