Microflex AdvanceWhen you have a room full of people each eager to voice their views, what is the most important aspect of the AV technology?  The quality of the projected image?  The discreet housing of the screen?  The simple touch button control?  We’d argue that it’s the ability for everyone in the room to be heard clearly and comfortably, without tiring their voice, so that each contribution is fully received and understood by all participants. 

Today’s microphones have to cope with all sorts of environments that are not ideal for great acoustics.  Buildings with walls of glass, partitioning with gaps, listed buildings with thin windows that let in background noise and of course open plan layouts.  All of these issues can negatively affect the sound quality achievable within a meeting space, training or learning space. Even the location of the microphone can be a challenge, if it takes up valuable table space or hangs intrusively from the ceiling.

However, development in audio technologies can help to overcome some of the acoustic challenges a space presents. Configurable microphone arrays allow a single ceiling suspended microphone to cover a large conference room, with steerable polar patterns that will capture all participants, wherever they are in the room. Intelligent audio processing will manage acoustic echo and increase voice clarity, intelligibility and reduce unwanted and extraneous noise.

Products such as the Shure Microflex Advance offer such tools in versatile and aesthetically pleasing conferencing solutions.  A choice of configurable coverage patterns allows the best solution for different meeting sizes to be easily and automatically chosen. With browser based control and a suite of software for precise set up of functions, it’s a product range designed to capture quality audio in varying AV conferencing environments, in an unobtrusive design that will fit into a modern meeting area.

How do your microphones stack up? Does your audio system deliver the right quality of sound?  Or do you struggle with delegates not hearing clearly?  Our audio experts can help.  Tweet your audio issue to us using #ChallengingAV