How to succeed in AV integration in the 21st Century - ReflexA decade ago AV was a bit of a black art. Confusion reigned with end users who relied totally on the advice of their AV reseller to help them. And frankly, resellers often relied on their distributor or the manufacturers to help them.

Now the market is very different and the AV integrator is born. AV has grown up, become vital to the way business is conducted and is integrated with other technological infrastructures more closely than ever before. The users of today have never been more sophisticated, more educated or more determined to be involved in deciding on the solution they need.

So what can an integrator offer this different breed of user in 2013?

Firstly, education. Feed the hunger for knowledge. Hold events that aim to extend the user’s knowledge and understanding rather than sell them products. Think about how you can train effectively – not just about products but about room familiarisation and associated soft skills. How do customers want to receive that training – face to face, online or via webinars? And use the resources available to your benefit – for example, we take clients to ISE and guide them around the new technologies.

Offer specific and specialist advice – at Reflex we have developed Video Doctor to advise on all aspects of specifying and using video communications. Our Meeting Room Specialist service works with clients to create a collaborative and achieve the most productive use of their available workspace. These services have been developed in response to key moves in the market, the increased accessibility of VC and the need for flexible working environments.

Recognise that you can’t be an expert in everything yourself and build strategic partnerships with other organisations. Good partners give you the confidence to respond knowledgeably to customers about the increasingly complex tenders we see today.

Finally, work to achieve a strategic understanding of business and how AV can support client’s objectives, so allowing you to be truly consultative in your approach.

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