JCDecaux is the UK’s number one out-of-home advertising company. When they moved their headquarters to Summit House, a new purpose built building, Reflex was appointed to handle the audio visual requirements. This development, across 6 floors, has a massive focus on displays and video walls.

The Solution

In the ground floor reception, a 3 x 3 video wall makes an immediate statement when people arrive at the reception area, whilst in the open areas, presentation areas have been created by installing a pair of 80″ Sharp Aquos 3D LED TVs.

High quality audio is delivered through 4 wireless microphones, mixed by an audio DSP unit and delivered through surface mounted ceiling speakers. Ceiling heights are low and so speaker selection was critical to ensure good even coverage.

Additionally, on 2 of the floors, large digital signage areas enjoy 2 x 2 videowalls, installed using ultra slim bezel LCD panels for a seamless look. It’s a flexible solution for showing different elements of JCDecaux’s work.

On the third floor, 4 x 9 banks of widescreen LCD monitors are wall mounted, and used to display different advertising campaigns and for monitoring the system.

In the cafeteria, two large 80” displays, are used for general background use during the day, and can also be used for informal presentations and events

The directors’ offices each have a large sized LED TV screens and speakers, whilst in the Chairman’s office; a huge LCD video wall is installed, designed for maximum impact. It comprises 9 x NEC 55” panels in 3 x 3 configuration, giving a total display area of 3.6m x 2m and is the perfect showcase for JCDecaux’s capability. Invisible ceiling speakers give high quality sound, and 8 wireless desktop microphones are installed for conferencing through a Vidyo system.

The Results

JCDecaux’s previous building had ad-hoc arrangements and significant variations in the quality of audio visual facilities. In Summit House, the display areas are now more reliable and consistent, both in the quality of presentation, and in the user experience.

According to Amrish Patel, JCDecaux’s IS Support Manager, “Our staff have remarked on the ease of use of the AV kit installed. This has enabled them to deliver the JCDecaux vision.”

Watch the video and see the full JCDecaux case study here.