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Carys Green

Title: Ep. 5 Women in AV

Guest: Carys Green, Regional Sales Manager, Shure UK

Description: In this episode we discuss the current situation of women in AV, how and why we need to get more women into AV, and the resources currently available to assist them.

Key Takeaways:

  • The STEM Ambassador programme
  • AVIXA Women’s Council
  • Diversity is key for creativity and innovation

Time Codes

.59 OPENING QUESTION: What is the most important piece of technology in the workspace, and why?

1.46 What is the AVIXA Women’s Council

3.10 Women in AV technical roles

4.46 STEM Ambassador programme

6.00 Plans for International Women’s Day

7.03 AVIXA Women’s Council UK plans for 2022

8.22 Women in AV background and name change

10.08 Why should more women get involved in AV

11.10 CLOSING QUESTION: What do you think is the next big tech change and why?

12.30 Final thoughts

13.13 AVIXA website details

14.12 Carys’ contact details

14.46 Key takeaways

Episode Related Links

STEM Ambassador Programme: Volunteer to speak to young people about STEM roles and encourage the next generation

AVIXA Women’s Council: Find your local group and resources to help you

AVIXA Women’s Council UK: Find out about the UK branch

Carys’ Contact Details



About Shure UK

Shure have been producing high quality microphones and audio equipment since 1925.

They are also the global sponsors of the AVIXA Women’s council.

To find out more about Shure, visit the Shure website.

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