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Title: Ep. 3. The ‘Office Home’- enticing people back to the office

Guest: Nathan Watson, Creative Director, Office Principles

Description: This episode explores Nathan’s whitepaper on the ‘Office Home’, which seeks to combine the benefits of the home and office into one place. We also discuss what people need to consider when designing their new office spaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ‘Office Home’ to entice people back to the office
  • Customer engagement is critical in designing the office space
  • The office needs to be inclusive
  • Education is key to office changes
  • Furniture-led solutions are a great option

Time Codes

.58 OPENING QUESTION: What is the most important piece of technology in workspace, and why?

1.54 Inspiration behind the ‘Office Home’ whitepaper

4.43 The ‘Office Home’ key insights

8.09 Inclusion in the workplace

9.50 The office home in real life

11.39 The office home for small offices/ low budgets

14.13 Challenges to creating office spaces

16.08 How can office designs be more inclusive

18.32 Nathan’s favourite projects

21.41 Acoustics in the workplace

23.58 Furniture-led projects

25.09 CLOSING QUESTION: What do you think is the next big tech change in the workspace, and why?

26.19 Final thoughts

27.09 Nathan’s contact details

27.40 Key takeaways

Relevant Episode Links

The ‘Office Home’ whitepaper

Nathan’s Contact Details



About Office Principles

Office Principles are an office fit-out company (based in Reading, UK) with an outstanding reputation in office fit-out, design and refurbishment.

Their team of experts knows how to reimagine spaces to create environments that inspire and motivate your team to achieve their best.

For more information on office principles, visit the Office Principles website.

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