Technical design and Project management with agile serviceRelated agile service: Technical design and Project management

As the line between home and workplace technology becomes increasingly blurred, today’s users are more knowledgeable and educated about technology hardware than ever before. We work and teach in environments where efficiencies are analysed and measured, with audio visual technology expected to deliver benefits within activity based workspaces.

These trends demand a more bespoke approach to systems and solution planning – the development of ‘agile’ services. This means that technical design and project management are extremely important in designing bespoke, custom workspaces that integrate audio visual technology to meet specific needs.

The benefits of strong technical design and project management can be seen when you consider how people work today. Throughout a typical day we have seen that, a worker could start in an informal collaborative space with the rest of their team, before moving to a quiet booth where they can focus on individual work. Later they may meet external visitors in a more traditional meeting room, then finish the day in a private room to take a confidential phone call. The physical working environment and the supporting technology needs to be designed to respond to these changing dynamics.

We are seeing this trend in agile workspaces when designing and project managing projects. Does your environment accommodate the way you work? What challenges have you encountered in implementing agile working? Let us know by tweeting using the hashtag  #flexibleworking