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Integrator image - 3rd article“In vain have you acquired knowledge, if you do not impart knowledge to others?” Although this quote is over 1000 years old, it’s a fundamental corner stone that should underpin the support you get from your audio visual integrator. So, what sort of information should be readily available to you as a specifier or user of AV equipment?

  • Advice and training that is tailored to the specific area of AV that is relevant to you. So, if you are a technical person, look for hands-on training about different technologies. If you are an AV or IT Manager you may find information about how technology can support your strategic objectives more relevant. A good integrator will cater for everyone who has a professional interest in AV.
  • Information that supports the continual professional development of your staff. Talk to your integrator about how they can dovetail with your own internal development and training programmes. And look out for events that are held as a response to challenges you face and current industry moves.
  • Sharing of project knowledge. Most integrators should have a wealth of experience in different types of installations. It means that they will have come across some of the challenges you may have. They should share that information with you, to help you save money or create better efficiencies.
  • A range of communication routes that convey the information you need in a way that you find convenient. Exhibitions can be a great way to see demonstration and seminars, and find answers about the latest product, technologies and solutions. However it is worth doing your homework.

A good integrator will tailor advice, let you pick their brains, draw on their experience, and give unbiased advice. What support do you expect to get from your integrator? And in your experience, do they deliver? Let us know on twitter using #IntegrationSupport

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