DTEN Products

DTEN designs out of the box, easy to use products, aimed at Zoom Room video conferencing, collaboration and sharing.

Plug and Play: DTEN products are easy to use and set-up. This saves you time and money; you can have your product set-up and ready to use within minutes. No technician required!

Affordable prices: All-in-one, high-quality, easy to use products at affordable prices.

All-in-One Packages

These all-in-one packages include everything that you need to get your Zoom Room system up and running: display, power cable and mounting bracket. DTEN screens are fully touch screens enabled so there is no need for a separate Room controller.

DTEN D7 55” and 75”

The DTEN D7 is a single device for Zoom video conferencing, white boarding and sharing documents.

DTEN D7 55”: Ideal for huddle rooms and small meetings space (1-7 people).

DTEN D7 75”: Ideal for either small meetings spaces (1-7 people), or conference and board rooms (7-15 people).

DTEN D7 55” Dual

This dual screen option is perfect for annotating on one display while your online participants remain present on the second display. Ideal for medium sized boardrooms and conference rooms (7-15 people).

Video Overview

DTEN D7 Zoom Rooms for Touch

Use Your Existing Display

If you would like all the features of DTEN D7 products, but wish to use your existing display, then this is the package for you.

DTEN Go with DTEN Mate

Bring collaborative touch to any display using DTEN Mate within minutes.

Plug and Play: Simply connect the DTEN Go to the top of your existing display.

Collaborative: If you would like to introduce collaborative touch to your meeting, you can make annotations onto your display and save them using the 10” DTEN Mate.

Video Overview

DTEN Go Introduction


For more information, please contact your Reflex Ltd Account Manager, or you can send your DTEN query in an e-mail to: marial@reflex.co.uk