The Cube - Pioneering AV Technology from ReflexWalking into the recent NEC Showcase event at Vinopolis, the first thing to greet you was The Cube – an extraordinary fully immersive sensory experience.  Surrounded by dynamic visual content on all sides, people who entered it stepped right into the centre of the action.  This exciting installation designed by NEC, refined and installed by Reflex was achieved with 27 x 46” video wall modules for the walls and 9 x NEC 40” displays for the floor.  Laser projection, with HDBaseT transmitter and receiver, was used for the ceiling.  The result? Visitors were totally engulfed with imagery and sound.

Making your way upstairs to the retail area, you were faced with the Catwalk – a stunning interactive video wall. Built by Reflex using 14 x NEC 46” video wall modules, it featured interactive video wall technology where audiences could not only interact with the content, but share it on their mobile devices.  It was an installation that was specifically designed to attract shoppers and increase dwell time by driving engagement.

The purpose of both installations was to demonstrate the creative possibilities of today’s projection and screen technology in engaging and entertaining an audience.  The days of projecting an image onto a lone screen for one-way communication has evolved.  Today’s exciting installations push the technology to its limits to involve and integrate the audience.

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Or if you missed the show, let us take you into The Cube – click here to enter.