The Reflex Training ForumThank you to our clients who took part in our training forum on 19th March. It was an opportunity to exchange views and give feedback on the challenges faced within their organisations when it comes to technical training.

The Forum was developed in light of the startling statistic that 70% of technology in organisations is underused because of lack of knowledge or confidence of the users. At Reflex we believe part of our role is to help educate users about getting the most from the solutions we provide.

Some common challenges emerged during the forum. Large and diversified user bases create a barrier to training, as does finding the time to pull staff away from their normal duties to attend. It was felt that nurturing ambassadors for the technology and identifying more clearly the need for training would help overcome some of the issues.

James Rutherford from the London College of Fashion (LCF) kindly presented to the group his successful approach. This included an audit of the AV equipment and furniture already in use to identify gaps. The audit lead to a drive for more cameras in teaching rooms. It also highlighted the need for a move towards the standardisation of kit. AV lunches have been introduced at LCF, where academics partner with learning staff and are introduced to the AV technology. The key aspect was the need to have commitment and drive from the top of the organisation.

Reflex has structured its training support services to help educate and work with organisations to overcome these common challenges facing AV training.

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