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Laser projection comes of age

Laser projection comes of age from Reflex AV IntegratorsLaser projection technology is finally starting to make its mark, as prices reduce and the range of available projectors increases from multiple manufacturers. Is it now true to say it has entered the commercial space as a viable alternative to lamp based projector technology?

The higher education market was an early adopter of the technology, being attracted by its low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance. For example, one of the biggest business schools in the UK chose to upgrade projectors across their seven major 70-seat lecture theatres. Concerns over the need for continuous lamp changes and filter cleaning on ceiling mounted projectors and the favourable ROI drove the decision for laser technology.

We have also seen examples of the technology making inroads in the corporate environment too. As an example, a London corporate client had several high usage conference rooms, with little scope for down time. Choosing laser projection meant the business could benefit from the potential 20,000 hours of projector use. With no need to replace a lamp or clean a filter, the almost instant start up of the projectors and the ability to project vibrant, bright images onto existing large 2.5m screens, met their needs perfectly.

Another factor high in the decision making process was environmental benefits such as, shut down with no cooling cycle requirements, lower energy consumption and no mercury content, which is common in most lamp based projectors.

Reflex can help you decide if laser is right for your application. Check our weblink on the key considerations of projection here. Or why not ask us to conduct a projector Shoot Out. You’ll be able to see the latest projector technology side by side.

The Reflex AV Tech Day

Reflex AV Tech Day 2014
Planning for our AV Tech Day on 23rd October is well underway. There’s going to be a lot to engage our visitors and one of the new elements for this year is our interactive debate – AV and IT, friends or foes?

AV/IT convergence has been a hot topic for years. But is it a natural development or simply a marriage of convenience?

Our question time forum sees key figures from the AV and IT industry air and discuss the issues. Join in the debate by submitting your own questions, which you can then put in person to our expert team. Submit your vote on the issues live on the day – and see whether you agree with the panel.

Visitors will also be able to visit our Furniture Integrated Technology (FIT) event.

The FIT concept takes cutting edge AV technology and cleverly integrates it into today’s modern office furniture, giving a result that fuses beauty, practicality and functionality.

Visit us on 23rd October at Chelsea Football ground and engage with 40+ major AV manufacturers, attend informative seminars, quiz the experts and join in our interactive debates.

You’ll leave better informed, more confident and excited about the possibilities for your organisation.

The Reflex AV Tech Day is open to any professional with an interest in AV – click here to find out more and register.

Whatever market you are in, the Cloud can help

Reflex can use the cloud for AV integration in any employment fieldHaving installed multiple Cloud based installations for different clients over the last couple of years, it’s become apparent just how flexible the technology is in helping meet a whole range of different objectives. Here we look at some different market sectors, the requirements for each and how the Cloud helped meet the need.

A client in the Higher Education sector wanted to:

  • Improve attendance and grades
  • Communicate on multiple platforms
  • Introduce distance learning for foreign students

The Cloud gave students the ability to call into their lectures and seminars on any device, record attendance and see all participants in full view at all times. The lecturers can produce reports on the attendance of each lecture.

A client in the Financial sector wanted to:

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Maximise their meeting space without adding square footage
  • Introduce cost efficient, flexible communications between branches

With space at a premium, the Cloud gave increased flexibility to the client to hold meetings in their existing offices. Weekly team meetings with other branches are now held over the Cloud with hours of travelling time saved.

A Conference Centre wanted to:

  • Increase their return on investment
  • Introduce new revenue streams
  • Add a competitive advantage

This client used the Cloud to add an extra customer service, allowing them of have multiple participants join meetings and conferences from remote locations. The venue is able to accurately pass costs onto customers because the system bills by the minute. It’s allowed them to open up their facilities to training organisations who have overseas delegates join courses remotely.

A Healthcare Trust wanted to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Allow faster decisions/faster data share to save lives and hit targets
  • Lower the cost of travel
  • Secure platforms for privacy

This client is using Cloud based video communications to bring consultants face to face with patients quickly. This enables faster diagnosis and access to the correct consultant, whether they are at home or on the road. Data can be shared and other professionals brought in the call as necessary.

The more we work with Cloud based solutions; the benefits and flexibility they bring become more apparent.

If your organisation is wrestling with any of the above issues, contact the Video Doctor for an informal discussion by email, phone – 0118 975 4750 or live chat.

True Cloud solutions for every budget

Genus Cloud logoEveryone has heard of the Cloud. Some people even understand what it is! But it’s one of those buzzwords that has been quickly adopted by all sorts of systems and its meaning has become diluted.

Genus Cloud is a new, true Cloud based system, offering all the true Cloud benefits such as:

  • The benefits of video conferencing without major hardware or network investment
  • No up-front equipment costs
  • Access for anyone, anywhere, whatever device they are using
  • Seamlessly linking remote employees and partners
  • No need to employ in-house specialists

Genus Cloud has been developed by the experts at Reflex and offers a choice of three simple packages, depending on each organisation’s needs:

  • Stratus – audio conferencing service with one dial in number regardless of device
  • Alto – video, audio and desktop ideal for up to 8-way meetings
  • Cirrus – completely open standards with up to 25 people in one call

The packages are very competitively priced from as little as £9.99 on a per person per month basis.

For advice on which package would best suit your needs and budget, contact the Video Doctor – technical business guidance on video communication systems, by email, phone – 0118 975 4750 or live chat – just click in the chat box in the bottom right of any page of the site.

The Cloud Crossover – Home and Office

Cloud based AV Solutions from ReflexThe Cloud is not just a business phenomenon. In fact, faster adoption at home of Cloud based services and the benefits experienced are helping to drive the uptake in business.

Before the internet came along, you would purchase software, usually with a licence, and install and run it on your computer. Under the Cloud model, the software is run online by a third-party provider, and you access both the service and your content pretty much through any device with an internet browser.

Another key benefit is there’s just no technology for you to worry about. When you sign up you get to use the software without worrying about installing it, maintaining it, downloading updates or how much storage is needed to manage your content. Also you don’t need to worry about keeping it safe, all of this is taken care of by the service provider.

The greatest benefit of the Cloud, however, is financial. There is no upfront cost. You’ll pay a low, predictable, monthly fee per user for the software that you use and that means that you can scale up or down as your business needs demand. When you take on more staff, you can switch on new licenses immediately, and similarly turn off the tap if you scale down.

The spend on technology which used to be a major capital expense for even small businesses, now becomes an operational expense.

Running software online also brings with it other major benefits to your staff:

Work from anywhere, with the Cloud you will not only have access to your software, you can also log-in and simply pick up where you left off.

Working remotely with colleagues, clients and suppliers is now simpler than it has ever been, you can share access to your Cloud workspaces as long as you have access to the internet. One of the key economies of scale involved in Cloud computing is that a good Cloud provider will have better security and resilience than you can ever hope to afford. They will store your data safely and securely.

Whilst there has been a degree of “buyer beware”, putting your business-critical information in the hands of a third party demands a degree of trust. Most provide highly visible and transparent reporting and auditing logs, with every administrative action, policy change, content view etc, logged and recorded, so the often quoted concern “you don’t know who is accessing my content” does not stack up.

Few businesses today can escape technology completely, and few should want to – it’s a key driver of commercial competitiveness. But the Cloud can make unlocking that competitiveness simple, flexible and with costs that can be managed as you and your business needs grow.

Learn more about Cloud in the working environment at the Reflex AV Tech Day on the 23rd October at Chelsea Football Club. Click here to register for free.

We’re planning this year’s Tech Day

Reflex are planning this year’s Tech Day2014 sees our eleventh annual Technology Day and more than ever, we want this event to be driven by your needs.

As this event is for our visitors, the technologies on show need to be chosen by you. Many visit the Reflex Technology Day to see the latest technologies that they have heard about but not seen. Others have a specific requirement and want to learn more from our industry experts in the seminars. Visitors welcome the opportunity to compare products, see live demos in the exhibition or just want to hear what everyone is talking about in our live broadcasts. Make this event work for you by letting us know what YOU need.

Here is a list of cutting edge technologies people are talking about, let us know whether these are the technologies you want to see:

  • Immersive bespoke professional furniture with acoustic treatment
  • Interface-less and touch-less interactivity
  • Wireless gateway and presentation systems
  • Laser technology in 2014
  • Curved screen technology and the benefits

To feedback your thoughts including any additional products or technologies of interest please leave a comment on twitter using #ReflexTD14 or post your suggestions on our blog.

It’s good to talk! – why our business is about communications as well as AV

Reflex offer communication solutions through AVAs an audio visual integrator, one could take the view that our role is to specify, supply install and maintain AV solutions. And yes, of course, that’s the main purpose of our business. But we also believe we have a responsibility to inform, train, and sometimes challenge our customers. The better informed you are, the more productive our relationship will be. It’s what makes the difference between being a supplier and being a partner.

In this article we look briefly at some of the different ways we strive to achieve that communication.

We’ve mentioned above our Technology Days – this year being the twelfth one we have held. These events offer our customers a unique opportunity to talk directly to the product manufacturers. The events have evolved over the years but always aim to showcase innovative and exciting technology, whilst putting it into the context of how that technology can benefit a real working environment.

We also run smaller technology specific events throughout the year, such as our No Wires event which looked at matching the most relevant wireless products to the delegates’ individual requirements. This was held at our London demonstration suite which is another added value aspect of our service – customers are welcome to visit the suite at any time to see technology working ‘in situ’ – often much more useful than a straightforward product demonstration.

Specialist advice services such as Video Doctor and Genus Cloud – guidance and advice service on true cloud based systems, offer unbiased advice on using technology to embrace evolving working practices. They help customers to take a very strategic view about the use of technology rather than focusing on the hardware to purchase.

Another way we keep customers updated is through newsletters, emails and social media. Followers of our Twitter feed will get all the latest news as it happens. And our blog means that information sent out is always accessible long after the email has hit the recycle bin! A live chat function on our website lets you ask our experts any questions or queries as soon as they arise.

Any feedback on our communications is always welcome – contact us by phone, email, social media, live chat or face to face at any of our events.

Welome to Helen Flynn, our new Business Development Manager

Helen Flynn from ReflexWe’re continuing our strategy to develop a strong corporate focus with the appointment of Helen Flynn as Business Development Manager.

Helen brings a wealth of experience in AV having run the video conferencing team at Rocom Telecommunications and previously spent 6 of her 13 years at Computacenter in the AV division, working with government and corporate clients.

Her role at Reflex is to develop relationships within corporate and public sector accounts, creating solutions around meeting room collaboration, digital signage and video communications. “Working with an integrator with the reputation of Reflex gives me great confidence when making promises to my clients” she says. “I know they are in a safe pair of hands”.

Helen’s appointment demonstrates the importance we place on investing and building a strategy for corporate business to complement our already strong Higher Education customer base.

Why not come along to TD14 where you will be able to meet the whole Reflex team including our new recruits.

TD14 – save the date!

Reflex Tech Day 2014This year’s technology day (TD14) will take place on 22nd October at Stamford Bridge Football Ground.

Officially opened on 28 April 1877, for the first 28 years of its existence it was used almost exclusively by the London Athletic Club as an arena for athletics meetings and not for football at all.

Today it is not only Chelsea’s home ground but a fabulous event venue.

Look out for announcements about our seminar programme which will be released very soon, along with a host of other exciting and useful activities.

To register your early interest please email

No Tube – No Sun – neither could stop No Wires!

Tube strikes and torrential rain didn’t stop a determined group of customers making our No Wires event a real success.

Over 30 visitors from sectors as diverse as corporate, education, healthcare, interior design and consultancy came along to our demonstration suite near Canary Wharf, to see the cream of the crop of wireless presentation systems.

Our presenters talked through the offerings from Barco, Christie, Crestron, DisplayNote, AMX and WePresent.

The event also gave us great feedback from the audience. One of the key issues raised was network security, and the controllability of the various systems in terms of who is allowed to connect to the network.

In terms of organisations making a choice, it became clear that internal AV/IT support and flexibility for multi-user environments were important considerations. There was a discussion about the importance of content and hardware, and loyalty to individual brands – which was acknowledged as often being an emotional choice based on previous experiences. Interestingly, visitors seemed to arrive at their ideal system by a process of elimination – discarding those they would not use until arriving at the best system for their needs.

The feedback from the delegates allows us at Reflex to consider their concerns and look at how they can be overcome with the technology.


We know some customers really wanted to attend but were thwarted with the transport problems, so we are re-running the event over two sessions on 5th June at the Reflex London Demonstration Suite.

Click here to register for FREE, stating which out of the two session times you would like to be booked onto:

9.00am – 11.00am
11.30am – 13.30pm


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