The Ultimate Teaching Laboratory facilitated through cutting-edge AV over IP solution

Superlab is one of the largest teaching laboratories in Europe and was originally opened in 2007 as part of the new LMU Science Centre. By 2017 the main features of the original IT system in the lab had become unstable and Reflex started working with the University on a refresh project to plan, design and implement a new system on which all practical science lessons could be delivered.

The challenge was to enable 268 students to work in the lab at one time while engaging with any one of up to 12 different lectures running simultaneously. The solution was met by a system which at the time became the largest Wyrestorm AV over IP system in the world.

Students receive the audio for their chosen lecture via their own headphones connected to portable receivers worn in their lab coat pockets and pre‐set to the correct lecture channels. The associated video material is shown on a display mounted above the assorted scientific equipment on their work desks; these same displays double as their local PC monitors.

Each lecturer station has the same set up as above but with the addition of a table top visualizer and a PTZ camera, mounted above the display. The lecturer has a simple membrane keypad on the desktop to select what is broadcast to the students at any point in the lecture; the options are 2 pre‐set camera positions, the visualiser and the lecturer’s PC screen; each can be shown full‐screen or the camera image can be shown as a picture‐in‐picture. Each lecture can be recorded onto a removable USB memory stick and the lecturer can control start and stop functions on the same keypad.

With up to 40 different channels being used at any one time, the system provides clear sound and vision to enable students to follow procedures and conduct experiments safely.

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