Full building refit including a Wide Range of the latest in Active Learning Technologies

Client Brief and Requirements

London Metropolitan University’s business plan incorporates two strategic programmes:

  1. Programme for Improving Student Outcomes (PISO)
  2. One Campus │ One Community (OCOC)

Various trials have demonstrated that ‘active Learning’ has a positive effect on student achievement and that it draws many more students into the campus; students are spread across the city, they can access ‘chalk and talk’ lectures from home but will travel into class to benefit from productive interactive learning sessions.

The University IT team (led by Oliver Holmes) initiated a project to identify the best way of equipping facilities for different styles of active learning. They adopted an appropriately collaborative, learning approach to the project itself. In 2017 they engaged Reflex to help with the AV design a range of different teaching spaces within the Roding Building, due for refurbishment at the end of the year. These facilities would become working models to test active learning practices and provide templates for future projects.

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