Attention-grabbing LED Signage Wall in reception

At Imperial College London, they understand the importance of first impressions and the value created by a truly impressive reception area. They are also very aware that the reception area is a great place to deliver information and messages to a large number of visitors and students passing through.

In 2017 Reflex was commissioned to supply and install a large screen that would allow the College to display a range of different messaging in such a way that no one passing through the reception area could miss it. It was also understood that the screen delivering the information should itself create a striking impression on viewers, reflecting the attributes of the College in terms of its grand scale, high quality and leading-edge technology.

The Absen LED wall provided by Reflex clearly delivers; at 5.18 metres wide by 2.88 metres tall and with a maximum brightness of 1,200 cd/m² it is a stunning addition to the reception space.

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