JCDecaux – Complete AV fit out of offices, presentation facilities, social areas and signage in new London HQ

Helping JCDecaux to showcase the world

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Helping JCDecaux to showcase the world

JCDecaux is the UK’s number one out-of-home advertising company, part of the world’s leading outdoor advertising organisation who transforms urban landscapes across the globe.

When they moved their headquarters to Summit House, a new purpose built building in Paddington, in January, Reflex was appointed to provide design guidance and consultancy, to enable them to go to market for a suitable solution.

It was the main architects Wilmotte UK who recommended Reflex to the client as design consultants, and this engagement gave JCDecaux so much confidence in Reflex’s abilities that they awarded the project directly to them.

The Requirement
The Solution
The Results
The Requirement

This development, across 6 floors, was one with a massive focus on displays and video walls. As a company at the forefront of digital media, JCDecaux’s business is based around screens and as such, they needed to be able to demonstrate internally and externally the full potential of what they can achieve for clients. To meet the need for design led aesthetics, commercial TV screens were specified in most of the locations. The main elements of the brief covered:-

1. Creating of a ‘state of the art’ chairman’s office with high impact display
2. Equipping directors’ and chairman’s offices so that presentations can be shown and viewed
3. Enabling groups of users to watch network content
4. Enabling the client’s network to be centrally monitored
5. Enabling presentations to be made to whole floors of users at one time

The work areas involved the reception, gym, open areas on four floors, café, boardroom, chairman’s office and internal offices and meeting rooms.

The Solution

In the ground floor reception, a 3 x 3 video wall using NEC 55″ monitors and giving a display area of 2.6m x 2m, is driven by 9 network decoders, one per panel. It makes an immediate statement when people arrive at the reception area, and allows JC Deacaux to display their show reels to visitors as soon as they enter the building.

In the open areas on 3 of the floors, presentation areas have been created by installing a pair of 80″ Sharp Aquos 3D LED TVs, creatively mounted in the joinery niches. With inputs for a local PC, laptop or wireless presentation system the different sources are switched via an HDMI matrix switch.

High quality audio is delivered through 4 wireless microphones, with the sound mixed by an audio DSP unit and delivered through surface mounted ceiling speakers. This ensures a large group can all hear effectively. Ceiling heights are low and so speaker selection was critical to ensure good even coverage.

Additionally, on 2 of the floors, large ‘Broadsign’ areas enjoy 2 x 2 videowalls, installed using ultra slim bezel LCD panels for a seamless look. Broadsign is JCDecaux’s own signage platform that delivers content to screens within their offices countrywide. With each panel having a network encoder and decoder, they can be used to display one large image or different images on each screen. This gives a flexible solution for displaying different elements of JCDecaux’s work.

On the third floor, 4 x 9 banks of 23.5″ NEC widescreen LCD monitors are wall mounted, each driven by a local Broadsign player. Different advertising campaigns are displayed on each of these screens, which are also used for monitoring the system so that content across the building can be more easily managed.

Up on the 5th floor, the cafeteria is a flexible space. Two large 80″ displays, again Sharp Aquos, with 4 local sources, are used for general background use during the day. But they can also be used for informal presentations and events. Audio is again delivered through wireless microphones via ceiling speakers, and content to the screens is controlled through an easy to use 7″ touchpanel.

The Boardroom has a large 90″ wall mounted interactive Sharp TVs, with 4 local sources, audio and touchpad control.
It is important to the organisation that internal presentations are of the same high quality as those given to clients. Rooms used for internal meetings have LCD screens and PC, laptop and wireless presentation system source inputs. Elegant column speakers on either side of the display provide sound. Additionally, the rooms on the 5th floor include Vidyo video conferencing.
The directors’ offices each have a large sized LED TV screens and speakers mounted on the wall with two local sources connected via direct cabling. Touchpanel control is via a discreet 4″ panel.

In the Chairman’s office, a huge LCD video wall is installed, designed for maximum impact. It comprises 9 x NEC 55″ panels in 3 x 3 configuration, giving a total display area of 3.6m x 2m. With allowance for eight sources and a background image to be displayed simultaneously in any window arrangements across the display, it’s the perfect showcase for JCDecaux’s capability. Invisible ceiling speakers give even, high quality sound across the room, and 8 wireless desktop microphones are installed for conferencing through a Vidyo system. Content can be controlled by any of 3 touchpanels. This room is so impressive that it was used by the TV show ‘The Apprentice’.

Across the building, SVSI network distribution enables media to be shown anywhere without a traditional matrix. Close liaison was required with JCDecaux’s network team to ensure the streaming systems worked well.

The Results

JCDecaux’s previous building had ad-hoc arrangements and significant variations in the quality of audio visual facilities. In Summit House, the display areas are now more reliable and consistent, both in the quality of presentation, and in the user experience.

According to Philip Thomas, Co-Chief Executive Officer, “AV is a very important part of how we show and demonstrate to our clients the many aspects of JCDecaux in the building. On almost every floor now, we have videowalls and they are always showing the capability of JCDecaux to deliver best options to our client base. It’s a fundamental part of the building.”

Amrish Patel, JCDecaux’s IS Support Manager, goes on to say, “Reflex helped deliver the architect’s vision by maximising the space available to them to deliver the appropriate AV kit. Our staff have remarked on the ease of use of the AV kit installed. This has enabled them to deliver the JCDecaux vision.”

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