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A great reception at Imperial College London

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At Imperial College London, they understand the importance of first impressions and the value created by a truly impressive reception area. They are also very aware that the reception area is a great place to deliver information and messages to a large number of visitors and students passing through.

In 2017 Reflex was commissioned to supply and install a large screen that would allow the College to display a range of different messaging in such a way that no one passing through the reception area could miss it. It was also understood that the screen delivering the information should itself create a striking impression on viewers, reflecting the attributes of the College in terms of its grand scale, high quality and leading-edge technology.

The Absen LED wall provided by Reflex clearly delivers; at 5.18 metres wide by 2.88 metres tall and with a maximum brightness of 1,200 cd/m² it is a stunning addition to the reception space.

Meeting the brief
Signage solution
Presentation use
The result
Meeting the brief

The project brief required that the screen solution:

  1. Could deliver signage-type messages all day, every day.
  2. Could deliver large-scale presentations with audio when required.
  3. Couldn’t be permanently fixed in place but must be moveable when required.
Signage solution

From the initial signage requirement, it soon became clear that direct LED would be perfect a perfect fit both in terms of visual effect and the need to run for 24/7 over a long term; the chosen wall has a typical lifetime of 100,000 hours.

Having established that a 4mm pitch LED would give the resolution required for both signage and presentation and the necessary definition for the viewing distances involved, Reflex selected the Absen N4 Black Edition based on its image quality, value for money and high level of UK support.

The signage images are delivered from a Onelan NTB-4K player, running continuously showing material promoting the college, its courses and information about upcoming events.

Presentation use

Behind the LED wall, a rack hosts NovStar LED control equipment along with an Extron presentation switcher, sound processor and an Airtame receiver to enable the wall to be switched from its standard signage mode and allow a presenter to make a wireless connection directly from a laptop. Both wearable and hand-held microphones have been provided for voice reinforcement and audio is delivered through Meyer Sound beam-steering column array speakers, mounted on either sides of the LED wall, which allow for accurate control of sound dispersion without reverberation, despite the very high reception ceiling.

Finally, a 3-series controller from Crestron with a 10” touch panel allows for simple user control over all the wall functions.


Due to the nature of the reception space, the solution could not be permanently fixed to either floor or walls but should be moveable within the reception space if required. To meet this requirement, Reflex commissioned the design and build of a customised frame to support the wall, encase it to hide all electronics and deliver the whole system on castors. This has been achieved and, as any viewing it will attest, the frame is sufficiently discrete that it doesn’t detract in the slightest from the wall which appears to be a permanent fixture.

The result

The whole installation was carried out within 5 days and without any fuss or disruption. The result has been fantastic; visitors can’t help but gaze at the screen, even regular ones. When it is occasionally used for presentations, the sheer scale and brightness of the screen can’t help but make them memorable.

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A Great Reception at Imperial College London

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